Saturday, January 31, 2009

My BAF Address

It's SAT afternoon and God has blessed us with a beautiful day. Pam is playing patriotic music in the background and life is all good! I leave for Ft. Lewis tomorrow and it will definitely be hard to say goodbye.

Mark Schubert
APO AE 09354

Here is the address at BAF - remember, I won't be there till the first week in MAR sometime - but I will still get stuff that arrives early - the Chief over there knows me well! :-)

I don't have an address in Ft. Lewis, but I'll have everything I need.

AGAIN, I want to thank you ALL for all the kind words and thoughts and prayers.


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Last day at SITA


Today is my last day working at SITA till I get back. I remain employed with them and the support I have received from everyone there has far exceeded any of my wildest exceptions. So many of my co-workers expressed genuine concern for my safety and they held a wonderful gathering, including breakfast, yesterday in my honor. It was actually very humbling to think that so many people cared so passionately for me AND my family! I am also very thankful, grateful and blessed to work for such an outstanding organization. THANK YOU ALL!

I also had a very emotional goodbye dinner yestersday evening with my son and his family including his precious wife Shelley and 3 of my grandchildren - Payton, Kylie and Marley. It was very hard to say goodbye to all of them, but I'm grateful for every second I have ever spent with them.

Tomorrow and Friday I'll be working @ Dobbins. Not sure what Saturday looks like and I'll leave for Ft. Lewis on a commercial flight out of ATL @ 0935 hrs on Sunday. Of course I'd like to watch the Super Bowl - wish me luck! :-)

Then on Monday, the rest of our team follows (from Dobbins and Westover, MA) and we will have all 56 of us together for the first time. We are currently scheduled to stay in Ft. Lewis, WA till 25 FEB. At this time, I cannot say for certain if we will return to ATL or start our rotation to BAF after completeing Combat Skills Training.

THANKS TO ALL who commented on the last post! I never expected as much! So many of you also replied to the email and those well wishes and prayers are all much appreciated. All the support I have recieved from so many people is overwhelming and it just touches my heart everytime I think about it. I can't thank you enough.


Friday, January 23, 2009

Getting Ready

I've already had my last "free" weekend - I'm ready now to press forward almost 100% focused on my deployment. I have only three working days left with SITA. The support I have received to date from my company has been tremendous!
Reserve weekend coming up tomorrow and I'll post more next week.
Here is the schedule as I know it right now:
24/25 JAN - UTA (Reserve duty @ Dobbins)
26-28 JAN - Working @ SITA
29 JAN - Start my mobility orders - I'll be working @ Dobbins Thr and Fri for sure - not sure about the weekend. I have to be in Ft Lewis Washington for CST (Combat Skills Training) on 1 FEB NLT (No later than) 1800 hrs local time.

From there - things are not clear yet. All I know is I must be at Bagram NLT 12 MAR. More to come.