Friday, May 29, 2009

MIxed Pics

Got some more pics posted today.

A mixture of a few things including some more action shots of the volleyball tournament, me standing next to a very tall and beautiful rose bush (even kinda makes ME look good!), the HVAC guys working hard to install some AC units, and the structures/heavy guys putting a memorial together in Camp Cunningham. Finally, there are some pics of Command Chief Dearduff, command chief master sergeant for Ninth Air Force and U.S. Air Forces Central, who was visiting and just happened to stop by my office! While he was there, he recognized one of the Airmen on my team - TSgt Gagnon for all he's been doing on and off duty. Also Amn Aniya who works for the FET - Amn Aniya and 5 Airmen on my team had dinner with the CCM. Chief Dearduff is a really great guy and very knowledgeable - we talked with him at length and got some good insight.

It's always a good thing when we get the recognition of the DV's when they come to BAF. That means that we are doing some very special things here. While only a small amount of things get recognized, I see and hear what is going on with all we are doing and I can tell you I am very proud to be here and to be a part of this team. They are all working hard and getting things done - that's the main thing - and people are noticing - (I wonder why!?)

Some of the team got a private tour of the hospital today with CMS Cardozo. She is truly a wonderful Chief and someone we ALL can learn from. The more time I can get my Airmen around these good people, the more I will try. I announced the hospital tour at CC call yesterday to the entire group. I was very happy that 4 of them took me up on the offer.

It will soon be Col Lehman and I couldn't be happier for him. I know he is a little anxious and also looking forward to it. I'm looking forward to a great ceremony planned by our 1st Sgt (she's really good at this stuff) and it's not everyday you get to plan a Col pinning!

It's late for me and I've had a very busy day off - I'm going to bed. I must be up early to start my day tomorrow. Hope you all are well!


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I'm really NUTS!

Just got a very nice package in the mail today - along with another half dozen cards and letters from supporters from Soldiers Angels. Those people are GREAT!.

The box came from the folks at SITA! Claudia and Tom put together a box full of various nuts (which I like to snack on) including 3 huge bags of pistachios! Thanks very much for that - I've got LOTS of movies to watch now too! So this FRI I'll be snacking on the pistachios and watching a couple movies when I get back from the hospital.

Work is going good.

The volleyball team came in 2nd overall and they all got some very nice certificates presented by one of the Task Force Commanders! The games were REALLY close and a point here and there made all the difference. The other team took all 6 games to finally beat them and win the tournament. There will be more volleyball tournaments before we leave and TSgt Lajoie and MSgt Gros-Hayes have pledged revenge! I wish them well.

We still have a 5K Memorial Day walk/run coming up that I'll be helping with - no, not running in silly!

Lt Col Lehman will be Col Lehman on Monday next week - I'm really looking forward to that and I'm sure he is also. He really deserves it and I'm very proud and honored to be working for him - at least for the next three months. We already have (officially now) a new commander at the 94th CES.

Another Memorial bonus (and unexpected) Skype with my friends in TN! That was pretty special to see of them. It was just wonderful to see all my friends and family over the holiday weekend. I just got off Skype w/Heidi and Aiden - Mr. "Oh Yeah!" man - Looks who's talki'n! I missed Shelley and Jeff. :-(

I do miss you all and my "normal" life. This is really quite a break - I feel like I just left everything behind - which has it good points and bad. Good that you all are so supportive and I really don't have anything to worry about and I can focus on what needs to be done here - because that IS important. Bad in the way that you all are figuring out all these ways to do things without me that when I get back, I won't have anything to do!

So I figure I'll just tell you all that I'm getting extended for 6 more months and pick up my new bass boat and fish for a while when I get back! (good thing Pam likes to fish and can keep a secret)

Thanks again for reading. Yeah, I know - I AM NUTS!


Sunday, May 24, 2009

2 in 1!

I wanted to tell you I had a special treat yesterday! My son Skyped with me and I got to see three of my grandchildren! Friday was their last day of school so I hope to get more chances now to see them since they will be home more! I also saw my brother in FL - he and I talked for quite a while and I could tell you what HE is up to - but I can't cause that's a surprise too! :-)

Skyped with Mom and Dad on Friday - as usual - and that was also very nice. I love to be able to stay in touch and the Memorial Day thought that comes to mind is how in the world did those people who GAVE us our freedom do this! The mental challenge here is tough - I cannot imagine what they had to be thinking!


What I like

I really like Sunday's because it's the Lord's Day! But also because it's RIB NIGHT! Ribs at the DFAC again tonight and they SURE were delicious! I skip lunch on Sunday's so I can get a little extra work in (since I take time out for church) and I load up on Ribs. They really are very good ribs - cooked all by local Afghans and the sauce and salads they have to go with it are perfect.


The rest of my day was pretty good. We have a team in the Memorial Day volleyball tournament headed up by TSgt Lajoie. They are pretty good and going to the finals. They ALMOST lost tonight, but were saved by a NET call on what would have been the winning point for the other team! So instead of 15/10, they reversed the score to 14 11 and continued to play the final game of the set - and TF (Task Force) Killer Bees (don't ask me where the team name came from) came back and WON THE GAME! It was pretty exciting and I'll be posting some action shots to picasaweb shortly.
I miss my wife! (Duh!) - She's out of town and away from the video camera so I don't get to Skype with her this weekend :-(. Busy week coming up for projects. Should be very interesting the next couple days!
Had a wonderful Chapel NeXt service today. A word from the Senior Pastor who is leaving and wanted to deliver the message. He's a Pentecostal guy and his delivery was fire and brimstone all the way! But the content was good - talked about things from 1 John - it's a book that is a litmus test to read if you "think" you've been saved.
1 John 2:9 "If anyone says, "I am living in the light," but hates a Christian brother or sister, that person is still living in darkness."
Good thing the Taliban and al-Qaeda are not Christians! :-)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

What to remember

Wow - Lot's of good people out there saying some very nice things during this Memorial Day weekend! Thank you all!

I'm very proud to be here and carrying the liberty torch on for those who have gone before us. There are many fallen heroes - some who are close to me, some who have gone recently, and many, many more that I will never know - but I thank them all. A good friend of mine just wrote to me and said the phrase, "All gave some, some gave all!" How very true that is. And on this Memorial day, we remember those who gave it all for you and I.

It's incredible when you think about all the men and women who have fought in the many wars just in the last 233 (almost) years since our independence day. And these days, I am reminded by many of the supporters who write in that less than 1% of the US population is currently in the military (that includes both Active/Reserve, all branches). While that may seem like a lot (est ~2.3 million), there have been times when that number was much higher and the wars were fought with much less sophistication and many lives were lost in a single battle compared to the wars of today. At least for US military. The Haji we fight today haven't quite figured it out yet and they loose MANY more than we do in every engagement.

With that said, let us ALL remember those brave Americans who have fought before us - especially those of us who ARE in the military today. Memorial Day is a day to remember and honor those American men and women who have left us. ALL Americans owe a HUGE debt of gratitude to our fallen warriors. For those of us serving today, we make their loved ones who are still here prouder than ever and honor them each time we put on our uniforms to serve. I encourage ALL military personnel to serve in remembrance of our fallen heroes - by doing so, we serve with pride and honor those courageous men and women who gave ALL!


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Good News!

Our first group of people just got back from an R&R (Rest and Relaxation) trip. The comments about the trip were very positive for the most part! One interesting thing to hear was they said the food is even better than it is on BAF! More selection and better quality! I was surprised because I thought the food here was excellent! I may have to go there just to find something to eat!

They also said it was hot, the trips were either free or inexpensive, and the beer was really good! The best part was the trip was relaxing. They got to take their mind off of being in a difficult environment where stress is high and there is lots to do. Some people handle this environment a lot better than others.

It was also brought to my attention that some people from the unit are reading this blog! I was very surprised and glad to hear that! I hadn't heard from anyone in the unit to date, so I wasn't really sure! I guess I never really thought people would be reading and just not saying anything. Remember, you CAN post anonymously and I would really like to hear your thoughts directly. Along that same thought, this is MY blog and MY opinion/view on things - if you are interested in how I think about the unit, please feel free to continue reading and you will likely enjoy an inside look at how I see things. Discussing negative feedback about any particular post with other unit members instead of discussing it with me won't help anybody. If you are interested in doing your part to help the unit, please let ME know if you need help understanding any of my statements.

The post highlighted below in particular sums things up pretty well: (in case you are just starting). I do encourage you to start from the beginning though because it would be like opening a book in the middle - you would only get half the story (which is always dangerous). If you don't read anything else, read this post:

That describes exactly how I really feel about being here and working with my team. It's not perfect and throughout these posts, it IS possible you may find an honest opinion here and there you may not agree with - I don't expect to please 100% of the people 100% of the time - that's just the goal. This blog is like our trip here - it is what you make it. If you look for the bad things, you will find them. If you make the days count, you won't have time for the bad things.

If you are a spouse of a deployed member here, I welcome you to keep reading and enjoying the first hand information. Yes - it DOES come pretty quick and I sincerely hope you are keeping in close touch with your loved one and are not surprised by what I'm telling you. The support from back home is crucial. I can tell you that it's not hard to spot the Airman that has issues to deal with and I do my best to make sure ALL of us here are as safe and comfortable as possible. It could be a LOT worse - but some of us just don't see it that way. It's not easy, but it is possible to smile around here - if you look for things to smile about. Some people you just can't please no matter how hard you try.

There are regular streams of support mail coming in now. Some from back home at Dobbins and some from a web based group named Soldiers Angels. They really are good too and I've had the opportunity to give out some of their mail just today. There is more coming and I've put the word out that this is available to everyone. The letters are from caring supporters who enjoy telling us thanks for what we are doing to protect and defend our country. There are also a host of gifts coming for the Airmen like "Sand" and "Cool" scarfs for everyone! These items will sure come in handy for the Airmen as it looks to get much hotter and windier in the coming weeks.

We already got a taste for the wind last week at the Blackwater site (and others). I was out there for most of the day one day and came back with dirt and sand in every open crevice on my body. Most of the guys out there were more prepared than I and already had their military issued goggles on, balaclava's, and Boonie hats among other protective measures.

Well this week is over and it was a very good week overall. The wind died down to a nice breeze and the temperatures were only "hot" one or two days. Other than that, the clouds and light wind kept the heat from soaring and we made significant progress on projects.

Thanks again to Soldiers Angels and to all of you reading - commenting or not.


Sunday, May 17, 2009

What to send?

Somebody sent me a bag of large, primium Pistachios - they are almost gone and I REALLY enjoyed those.

If you are looking for something simple to send, that would make me smile!


Post 54

Welcome to post 54! Yes, that's right! This is my 54th post - have you made 54 comments? Well, I can tell you that I read every single comment and I appreciate those who are concerned about me, read this blog, and pray for me and the Airmen who are with me. Thanks for that!

I have posted some more pictures (none of me) here:

The pictures include work on our current priority project, Blackwater. Also, there are some pictures taken from directly outside my office window of the rose garden with the roses now in full bloom - it really is very pleasant to look at! And finally a few shots of our new Wing CC, Col Kwast at a surprise dinner for his recognition as a Brigadier General select. If you thought making Chief was tough (less than 1%), less than 1/4 of 1% make General Officer! So this is an event you don't see everyday! I was very proud and honored to be there.

It's the Lord's day today and I went to church as was able to relax and pray for a little over an hour. They have a new singer on the praise team, but they still sound awful! That's is only MY opinion and I'm sure God smiles at all of us when we sing to him regardless of how it sounds to me. The word was delivered by the senior pastor who's last Sunday in BAF was today. She is a wonderful lady from the Army who has been here for almost 15 months. I'll miss her and I look forward to meeting the new senior pastor next week. He was introduced this week, but it was very crowded and I had someplace else to be right after service was finished. He seems like a great guy.

An Army guy moved into our hooch and occupied our little "common" area - so my hooch got a little more crowded with a fridge, microwave, and a few other things - I'm not sure if I told you already. He's a nice guy and he doesn't snore - so that's good!

All in all, a fairly good week.

Hope you all are well!


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Where in the world am I?

Apparently the last post was somewhat controversial! Let me see if I can't dispel some of the myths. First, I apologize if I have lulled any of you into a false sense of security about my safety with any of my previous posts. After all, everyone should realize exactly where I am - directly in what the media and the military call the AOR - Area of Operations. It's a war zone! It's a dangerous place. Don't think for one minute that I am not constantly reminded of that, and maybe the last post I made was a more vivid reminder for you. I certainly don't need a reminder, I get reminded of that more times that I can count every single day. Although that last post never happened, it could... well, most of it - and I think some of you just realized that.

Let me tell you what will never happen. I will never be so naive as I indicated, I will never be off my game and be "rockin OUT baby" in any mission critical situation - which is pretty much 24/7 around here, and I will never put myself or any of my Airmen at any unnecessary risk or allow them to be off THEIR game. Furthermore, I won't need an army guy to tackle me if I'm being shot at! I'm perfectly capable, trained and equipped to fight for myself. We all carry loaded weapons 24/7. It's like the wild, wild west in that regard. You wouldn't think so the way some people DRIVE around here... I think they forget we all have weapons! I used to think that was the solution to the idiot drivers in Atlanta... now, I'm not so sure!

So - with that said, yes, I am still smiling. I'm at peace with where I'm at and very calm. Fully aware of my surroundings, but not scared and neither should you be. There are people injured and/or killed every day. Most of them are bad guys. Every once in a while they get lucky and get one of us - it happens. It has happened since I've been here - to more than 15 coalition forces. Have you not paid attention to the fallen comrade ceremonies I have spoken about? No, I haven't told you about every single one, and I can't and I won't.

None of this will stop me from executing our mission here or living my life. There are some funny things that happen from time to time and you get to hear about them - like the fat ladies with the pizza who had their truck towed. Plus I really do enjoy mail call everyday! Because I haven't told you any of the bad stuff (I can't), let us all remember there is plenty to tell.

I have mentioned more than a few times that I sincerely appreciate your prayers and support - but most importantly your prayers! Hopefully now you know and understand why.


Monday, May 11, 2009

Bad Stories?

I guess the last story wasn't as big of a hit as I thought it was going to be - but if y'all liked that one, I'm hoping you will LOVE this one:

I got another package the other day! It was an Apple iTouch!!! I was shocked because it's something I would have never purchased for myself - ever. So anyway - I was all excited to use it and the CC called me in his office and said there was a very important mission I would have to do right away and it couldn't wait. Grab my gear and meet the Army guys at Checkpoint Alpha. OK- so I grabbed my new iTouch and thought maybe I'd get a chance to use it.

As luck would have it and is the military way, we got our orders and it was pretty much hurry up and wait - it would be a couple hours before our Helo (helicopter - can't tell you what kind) was ready. Lucky for me, one of the Army guys had a computer and offered to set up my iTouch! I thought that would be a good idea since I had NO IDEA what to even do with the thing! He said, "Don't worry, Chief, I'll set it up with all the same stuff I got on mine - all kinds of music, music videos, games, email apps... I got it ALL!"

So - being the naive guy I am - I said, "Sure - go ahead!" So - we were in holding for about 2.5 hours and they called and said 15 min to show time - they guy said - Perfect, 10 left to go! So they called us to load and the Army guy gave me back my iTouch and told me not only was it loaded, it was fully charged! I thought - WOW! Perfect...

So - we all got on and up and away we went. Can't tell ya where were goin either. They stuck me in the back of the Helo where it was dark and I told them that was unacceptable cause I wanted to SEE! They gave me the chair right by the out door and I had a beautiful view of the mountains! It really is spectacular to see! The iTouch was real easy to use and I thought I'd listen to some music of our 30 min ride. I found some heavy metal music and started rockin OUT Baby!!! I had my head down rockin and bobbin when all of a sudden this Army guy (a big guy too) comes across the floor and tackles me off of my seat into the back of the helo! Well - I was a little pissed cause I noticed a small scratch on my new iTouch (very small) and I thought to my self, I'm gonna get up and teach these Army guys a little manners on how to treat an AF Chief! I started to get up and I saw stars -so I quickly sat back down for a second.. Then, all of a sudden, three other guys grabbed some heavy weapons and started shooting and we made a hard bank left! That's when the Army guy on the other side with the 50 cal opened fire! All this happened in just a few seconds and I was perfectly fine now. So I stood up and gave the Army guys my war face and one of them looked pretty scared for a second and pointed to the top of his head. We cleared the area and were flying smooth at this time - but I was still a little angry with these guys. I put my hand on my helmet and there was a piece missing! Apparently I either took a bullet or piece of something to the top of my K Pot (Kevlar Helmet) and that's why the Army guy got me out of the line of fire! I thought it was just because he didn't like ROCK music!!! Or it was too loud for him or something....

Anyway - we had a good laugh over it afterward and the guys were really pretty kool after I took off my headphones and got to know them a little bit...

So now I know why I never bought on of these dang iTouch things! They'll get you KILLED!!!

As the last story was all true, this one is all a fabricated - every last bit except the fact that my brother and mother DID send me an Apple 8GB 2nd Generation iTouch! Wow!!! Thanks for that.

I'm telling this story to make a point. You guys should start a contest and see who can send me the thing that generates the craziest story!!! It's a WIN/WIN! (I can't loose) - You guys send me all kinds of new toys, and I get to write more stories for you to read and enjoy!!!! :-)

(I'm just kidding).

But Al/Mom, thanks for the gift! It certainly wasn't necessary, but I think I'll like it... particularly when I visit the latrines!

BTW - I'm fine - had a good day!


Friday, May 8, 2009

A good Story for you.

Boy do I have a funny story to tell you about today.... The funny thing is, it's NOT a story! This actually happened, but I'll tell it like a story.

SMSgt Bramlett and I spent a good part of the day together at our #1 priority project that has a deadline of 1 JUN and the CC's hot topic. Late in the day I got a call on my cell phone that my vehicle was to be turned in. I had already lost my truck because (well, let's not get into that cause that's another long story) - so, I lost my truck. In place of the truck I was driving this temporary little Toyota Corolla - looks really out of place here - but anyway, today I lost it too. So I have no vehicle - which is not so bad. But I had a few stops I needed to make on the way home so I took SMSgt Bramlett up on his offer to drive me in his POS Polaris 4 Wheeler.

One of the places I needed to go was to get a subdued patch for my flight suit. Now - that may mean something to some of you, or not, but that's also a different story. The patch needed to be purchased from the embroidery store in the the PX complex - the busiest place on BAF. The entire area is probably only 2 acres and there must be 25+ shops and stores, no parking, and hundreds of people milling about. Oh - and there is only 1 way in and out. As we were pulling in, the SP's (Security Police) were stationed by the entrance/exit with blue lights flashing. We noticed and illegally parked vehicle and assumed they were there to write a ticket.

We made it to the shop, bought the patch, and walked out in about 5-8 minutes. During that time, a tow truck appeared blocking the one and only entrance/exit. Now we are waiting to see what happens. Were they going to actually TOW this illegally parked truck? Well, Yes. They are. So next thing we see is some people moving about the truck - like it belonged to them. Surely they would just ticket them and let them go? Nope.... They were going to tow it. Period. So the truck driver gets out with his buddy and one of the men talk with the apparent driver of the truck - she hand's him the keys, and he drives the vehicle to position it behind the tow truck.

I thought to myself, You have GOT to be kidding! Nope - they continued to block the entrance this whole time - which by now 10 minutes has passed while this part happened and the guys from the tow truck are now apparently having some problems with the mechanical tow lift and are attempting to repair it.

So curiosity got the best of me and I jumped out of the POS Polaris and walked over the the nearest SP Sgt on scene.

Me: "Can I ask a really stupid question?"
SP: "Yes, Sir"
Me: "Are you towing that perfectly capable vehicle?"
SP: "Yes, Sir! It was illegally parked and we are towing it to place X"
Me: "Well, I understand that, but since it is perfectly capable to drive, why not just DRIVE it to place X?"
SP: "Uh, well, uh, Sir, (pause) we are not authorized to do that. We HAVE to tow it, Sir."
Me: "OK. Just a stupid question!"

So - there you have it. They are blocking traffic in and out of the busiest place on BAF for 30 min to tow a perfectly drivable vehicle - to which they had the keys, mind you.

Now comes the funny part (if you hadn't at least smiled already). They "drove" the illegally parked car BACK into the illegal parking spot to temporarily make room to let cars drive around the tow truck - which the two men were still busy trying to repair. As we drive by the illegally parked truck, two fat ladies (I'm talking 300+ each) (civilians) were taking at LEAST 20 pizza's out of this truck. So these ladies came to the PX area to buy pizzas and were too lazy to find a legal parking spot, went and picked up their pizzas, and were pulling out when they were busted.

Now, they lost their ride, and are stuck there with these 20 pizzas!

Also - on the way out, there was an Army Captain (yes, an officer) directing traffic - that's something you don't see everyday!

So that's my story and I'm sticking too it. Mike and I had a pretty good laugh over that!

All that to top off a fairly crappy week for me. Like I started the story, I lost my ride too, and we also lost our common area in our hooch to some Army guy (supposedly a SGM (Sergeant Major) or Officer) - so I didn't want to make a big stand to keep it. The Army guy is moving in tomorrow. And apparently we are loosing all (yes, all) our heavy equipment for at LEAST a week at the end of the month. I know some of you reading this are engineers and you can certainly appreciate my frustration with that comment.


It's FRIDAY! (again! :-)

Time sure is passing by quickly... Here it is another Friday - and the Friday before Mother's Day. And the Friday before my Mom's birthday! God bless her! I'm enjoying some homemade breadskitcks as we speak! :-)

Happy Mothers Day Mom, Pam, my mother in law Lois -Mom, Heidi, Shelley, and everyone else I'm missing (like Pam's sisters, my brother's wives, Janice, Nana, Nora, etc) (cause I'm not very good at this kind of thing).

I KNOW its not today, but we have to put things in perspective - and since I have the opportunity today - I'm taking it!

We had a singles cribbage tournament again - I made it to the finals (again) - except I came to the final set (2 out of 3) with 1 loss (double elimination). So I had to play SMSgt Jalbert - an HVAC superintendent from Westover. It was close, but I lost. Did the best I could with what I got - made only 1 small mistake and it may have cost me the first set (1st game I lost and I had a chance to win. I won the 2nd game and lost a close third game for the tournament).

I know some of you blonde's won't be able to follow that... :-)

I got some work done today - I need to look at a small project for SITA (nothing major - I'll get that done today and I've already straightened up my hooch and my office at the FET (blgd where I work).Then - I'll eat in the middle of the afternoon, Skype with my parents at 0800 EST (1630L for me) and I'll be on Google Talk for a good part of the rest of this day. Probably Skype w/Pam when she wakes up.

OK - enough for now. Hope you all are well - I still think about all the people who are reading this and I can't thank you enough for you prayers.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Coined today!

I coined myself!!! With 100 unit coins. And they look GREAT! I ordered 100 coins and sold 75+ within two hours! What a great morale boost for the Airmen! They were all very excited to get them - and such a nice coin for only $5.
See the artwork here:

The real coin looks even better! Seriously!

Needless to say I've already emailed the vendor and asked her to spin up 50 more and I might bring that up to another 100! People are starting to come from around the base!!! Maybe I missed my calling and I should be a coin designer! :-) (yeah, right) I'll think about that when I retire.

Oh - my CC and I were just talking the other day - I'm going to miss him. He will pin on Col on Jun 1... Soon he'll only to be my deployed commander and I'll have a new unit CC after we redeploy. But I really like the new CC too - so it's all good!

Things are still well with me - I'm still blessed to know how many of you are praying for me - please stay vigil - honestly, I need all I can get. It truly is a wonderful feeling.

I'm pretty surprised nobody had anything to say about the Army guys. Any of you engineers out there notice how they screwed up our site grade? :-)


Monday, May 4, 2009

Pictures Today

First of all, I was going through the DFAC (Dining Facility) for lunch the other day and the cook caught my attention. His name is Specialist DEWEY! I immediately thought of my Dad - he had a lot couple of stories he told me about the cooks when he was in the service - and for some strange reason, this guy made me think of him.

Look at the last picture in this album -->

Then, just today, I was out on a site and some Army guys had just returned from a mission and they posed for a few pictures for the Chief.

I told them I'd post them on the Internet and send them the link so I will. They were all a bunch of good guys.


Friday, May 1, 2009


Have I ever mentioned how much I love FRIDAY'S? Well - I do! I'm actually surprised at myself for knowing that is IS Friday! So far I've had a pretty good Friday! I haven't yet talked with my Mon & Dad - but I'm looking forward to that.

Things are well with me. All is going along fine and we are steady pushing through. Not much new happening. It was a beautiful day up until a few minutes ago - and the wind picked up and some dark clouds rolled in very fast. But that's fine because I'm in my hooch now and I've already eaten dinner. I think I'll just work out, take a shower, do some stuff on the computer and hit the bed a little early tonight.

Sorry - not to exciting today - not because I'm not excited to write to you, just not a whole lot to tell you about today.